Kalidas, a community leader par excellence

       We all know that Mr Kalidas was a multi-facetted personality; but, more than that he was a multi-dimensional contributor to the all round development of the community in which he lived. His interest and involvement spanned a vast range of services- particularly in the sports and social serves fields.

       For nearly four decades. Mr Kalidas adorned, as a guiding star, the Business Management, Sports and Social Services sectors in Tiruchirapalli region with great competence and commitment. Because of his dynamic leadership , Tiruchirapalli came under limelight promoting big and small scale industries, establishing fraternities of commercial and industrial institutions, organizing conferences and seminars bringing nationally eminent leaders in the respective fields as resource persons.

       Tiruchirapalli also became the hub of several sports activities. Mr Kalidas had interest in almost every sports and games activity. He patronized formation of many cricket clubs which touched almost seventy in number. His equitable approach was a boon to other games ,viz, Tennis, Volley Ball, Foot Ball. There were several state level tournament and a few National events also. For sports lovers of Tiruchirapalli, the “Kalidas age” was indeed a golden era .

       In supporting social services, Mr Kalidas followed the same concepts that he had in his business world. He was never enthusiastic about “charity mode” but believed in and practices the “liberation” philosophy. He encouraged recipients to set their goals on decreasing dependence and increasing independence. The tremendous progress of ORBIT- a small scale industry owned and run exclusively by persons with disabilities is a classic example of his success through this approach.

       Kalidas was a visionary and a trend setter. To hundreds of persons in Tiruchirapalli who were touched by his benevolence- Mr Kalidas was indeed a redeemer.

Social Activities

       Mr. Kalidas was involved in almost all the activities in Tiruchirappalli, be it Sports, Music, Major Conferences, Seminars, Workshop etc. He was the President of Tiruchirappalli District Cricket Association for more than 3 decades till his end.

       He was instrumental for the birth and formation of Tiruchirappalli Management Association (TMA), Tiruchirappalli Zone of the Confederation of Engineering Industries (CII). He was also involved with all Educational Institutions as a Governing Council Member and also was Syndicate Member of the Bharthidhasan University.

       As regards services, he was instrumental and responsible of the birth and formation of Tiruchirappalli Round Table. He was also associated with other service organizations like Lions Clubs International, Rotary International, Blind Home etc. and liberally contributed for their community projects. He greatly supported in the celebration of Golden Jubilee of Joseph Eye Hospital, Tiruchirappalli. He was awarded “For the sake of Honour Award” by the Rotary Club of Tiruchirappalli.

       He was a key member of the committee to conduct Football Federation Cup in Tiruchirappalli. He was also instrumental for starting of a Golf Ground in Tiruchirappalli. His contributions in bringing up Tiruchirappalli City was outstanding.